Breaking the 5th Wall

HTML5 Dev Conf

25 Oct 2013

I’m just returning from my visit to San Francisco for the HTML5 Developers Conferencee, and decided to post my notes for the conference. I took notes for most, but not all, of the talks I went to. I’ll try to post a followup in a few days talking about some of the other things I saw there.

  • Web Components Revolution: Web components are amazing. Lots of stuff I hope to be able to use in the near future.
  • New Rules for JavaScript: I need to look up the slides for this talk since I’d like to review them. Lots of stuff about how tricks to mitigate the “bad” parts of Javascript are due to not fully understanding the language.
  • Federated and Free: This talk didn’t get into the grit of building federated systems, more of an overview of what tools and projecs are availible and upcoming in terms of keeping your data secure and able to migrate between different providers. Still very good.
  • D3 for Data Visualization: This talk wasn’t the best. Apparently D3 is a wrapper around SVG graphics. Kind of like a jQuery for SVG. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it has a lot of magic, so you’ll need more design skills to be able to use it.
  • Try Gamification: This was a pretty high-level talk, I kind of feel like I would have been better off just watching Extra Credits instead.
  • From Developer to Entrepreneur: Another high-level talk, with some stuff specifically about the Mozilla WebFWD incubator.
  • 5 Things Developers Need to Know About Design: I need to find the slides for this. It had some good advice, but I think you’d want to have The Non-Designers Design Book as a suplement.
  • Launching the Goo Engine: The Goo Engine looks really cool, you should check it out. Beta launches November 1st.
  • Concurency and Parallel Programming in JavaScript: This was kind of a technical talk for the end of the day. Talked a bit about the present and future of concurent programming in JavaScript.
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