Breaking the 5th Wall

5 Things Every Developer Needs to Know About Design

Paul Trani, Creative Cloud Evangelist, Adobe

Why it matters…

Attractive Things Work Better (at least in people’s perceptions).

1 Know that: You’re Not a Designer

But you are awesome and can fake it.

2 Know how to: Lead The Eye

Break down pages in terms of “reads”. What should be read first. Use contrast, color, etc, size, etc.

Golden Ratio 1.618

Sharp angles lead eyes outside of the rectangle. Rounded corners keep your eyes in.

3 Know how to: Use Color & Imagery

Use color to emphasize importance, not decorate a page – Alexander White


Know how to: Use Text & Typography

  • Chose a font that fits the subject.
  • Don’t use more than three


Serif for heading, san-serif for text?

Find fonts that go together, x-height.

Increase line-height to make page look more elegant.

5 Get Feedback


Design Fundamentals

  1. You’re not a designer (but you can fake it)
  2. Lead the eye with your layout
  3. Use color and imagery
  4. Use fonts sparingly
  5. Get feedback from others

6 Be Awesome