Breaking the 5th Wall

From Developer to Entrepreneur

Mozilla WebFWD

General talk about the landscape.

It’s Never Been Easier to Start…

  • Low Barriers to Entry
    • Access to Capital
      • Angel List
    • Networks
      • LinkedIn
      • Github
    • Platforms
      • Github
      • Facebook

…But It’s Still Hard to Finish

Even places like Google can take a decade to go public.

That “Execution” thing

  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Legal
  • Fundraising
  • Sales
  • Financials
  • Community Building
  • Branding
  • UX

Increase Your Odds

  • FailChat
  • Parisoma
  • General Assembly
    • Design Classes
  • Meetup

If You Only Do One Thing

Do User Research


Creating smaller companies, sell for 0.5mil?
Hard to get information, investors are looking for large exits.

Resources for projecting out for financials?
Iterative development of financials. Update your financials.

Legal Resources?
Talk to an actual lawyer. ORRIC, templates for incorporation and term sheets.

User Research Tools, starting out?
Go to the website, there’s an overview video. There are companies that can help with that, possible to outsource. But you’re outsourcing something critical. If you’re starting something brand new then maybe avoid outsourcing, but it can help mature products to scale.

User research before building?
Minimum Viable Product. Dropbox’s was a video, yours may be different. Don’t necessarily need code.

Why WebFWD?
Focus on web, and open source/standards. Support people anywhere in the world. Don’t take equity, not pressed to make money.

What stage start-up is ideal for WebFWD?
Most are 2-3 people, in beta. Personal training for founders.

Statistics for WebFWD?
9 out of 100 teams last class, has grown. Out of 33 total teams, only 5 are no longer operational.

What if you’re using/contributing to open source, but it isn’t core, not groundbreaking?
Looking for people who are really working on moving the web forward. Not religious about open source, making the web more useful. No definitive answer.