Breaking the 5th Wall

Need a Better Customer? Try Gamification!

Gregory Menvielle

Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics to engage users in solving problems… sort of.

Gamification Works

  • Fold It
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • So does crack cocaine…
    • Just because something works doesn’t mean it’s good for your users

It’s about psychology. Messing with someone’s mind is simple. Be careful with your end users.

Intrinsic rewards.


Five Steps

  1. Story
  2. Progress
  3. Validation
  4. Mitigate Failure
  5. Promote Growth

Intrinsic Gamification (I want X)

Completion Levels

  • Make sure it goes all the way to 100%
  • Make sure there’s a path forward


  • HATS!!

Extrinsic (If you do X you get Y)

They won’t work in the long run.

Digital Meth


Everyone just cares about imaginary internet points. But then people get tired of it. Everyone will just hack your system.

Badges and Rewards

Same thing, people get tired of it.


  • Focus on intrinsic value
  • Users are Humans, be nice to them
  • Extrinsic rewards bring short term games
  • People are motivated by:
    • Autonomy
    • Mastery
    • Purpose